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Fine art gifts for birthdays wedding anniversaries - wood carvings,
hand carved painted wood sculptures, paintings, watercolors and prints

We are constantly changing inventory as most pieces are one of a kind,
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Art Gifts

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China painted porcelain tray
by Cora Lee Palma
Approx. 15" x 6.5"


Glazed Pottery, Gingo Leaf Platter
by Sunny Leinart
approx 16"

- Click on image to enlarge -


Small hand carved carousel cat on wood marble base.
by Lorie Suits
approx 11" high

carved carousel  cat

We have more than 30 Beech-Nut advertisements, assorted products
$35.00 each

- Click on image to enlarge -

beechnut advertisement


Hand carved decoys
by Grant Van Loan
Loon 9"x 4" $63.00
Wood Duck 10" x 5.5" $63.00

- Click on image to enlarge -

wood decoys

Blue glazed ceramic bowl with cup/cover
by Cornelia Cole
Approx. 5" x 4"

ceramic bolw and cup

Sponge painted, wood box
by Ann Solberg
Approx. 6" x 4"

- Click on image to enlarge -

hand painted box

Raku Fired pottery vase glazed
by David Smythe
Approx. 12" x 7"

glazed vase



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Art Gifts


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