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We have unique fine art gifts for any occasion. You won't find these anywhere else.

We are constantly changing inventory as most pieces are one of a kind, Please call for more information

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Minature framed print
stand not available
Approx.4.1/2 inches wide
by Debe Abbott

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ceramic, glazed mouse bowl
by Cornelia Cole
Approx. 5 x 2".5 inches

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  Charm necklace with polished stones and charms "Woman's Enpowerment Necklace"
with velveteen bag
by Ann Armstrong

Dream catcher ear rings
$14 - $16

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Floral painting framed
by Nicki Lanzi


Mother and baby Penguin, painted rock
by Pat Mallinson
Approx.7" high

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Set of 5 shaker oval boxes, with copper nails
size 0 -- $21
size 1 -- $24
size 2 -- $27
size 3 -- $30
size 4 -- $33
Approx. size largest box 9x3.5"
Full set $135


Beech-Nut Ads, over 40 available

call for more info

$20 each

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